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The Black Salamander!!

About The Black Salamander!!
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About The Black Salamander!!

Here's more about me than most of you dropbeats mortals deserve to know!!

The Black Salamander is 17 on this very day that his website was created. He is also a Vampire of the new Kindred, and enjoys nothing more than a nice warm gallon of blood to quench his thirsts. His favorite meat is well any meat, just as long as it's red meat and pretty much raw!

His favorite animal is the Horse, because of their majesty and gracefullnes, not to mention that they one of the most beautiful creatures to be put on this godforsaken earth! His favorite movie genres are; Horror, Thriller, Psycholigical Thriller, Cult, Action and Drama. His favorite music genres are; Punk, Metal, Alternative, Heavy Rock and Classical!!

Favorite Quotes

His favorite quotes are;

"I was born a Vampire, an Immortal who knows no boundaries and feels no love and pain!!" - The Black Salamander

"Love is spelled P-A-I-N!" - Kiyannah

Favorite Stuff

The Black Salamander's Favorite Things:

Favorite TV Show: Angel
Favorite Movies: Donnie Darko and Blade
Favorite Music: Punk
Favorite Book: Horror and Fantasy
Favorite Sports Team: Team Hawk
Favorite Food: Red meat that is pretty much raw!
People He Most Admires: Vampires of the Old